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Braces in kuala lumpur

Choosing the Right Braces for Your Smile with Archident Dental Clinic

Hello, KL folks! Considering braces to spruce up your smile? You’re not alone! At Archident Dental Clinic on Old Klang Road, we’ve got all the info and options to help you make the best choice. Let’s dive into the world of braces and find the perfect fit for your pearly whites!

What Are Braces and How Do They Work?

Braces are like your teeth’s best friends – they gently nudge them into place to give you a stunning smile. They’re great for fixing crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, and even sorting out bites that are a bit off. Braces are made up of brackets, wires, and bands, working together to shift your teeth gradually.

Braces in KL

Why Braces?

Besides making your smile Insta-worthy, braces can boost your oral health, making teeth cleaning easier, enhancing your speech and chewing, easing jaw pain, and protecting your teeth from uneven wear and tear.

Types of Braces - What's on the Menu?


Metal Braces

These are the classic, durable, and cost-effective option. Great for a colorful personality, as you can jazz them up with different band colors.


Self-Ligating Braces

A snazzy upgrade from metal braces, these come with a special clip instead of bands. They're more comfortable, easier to clean, and speed up the treatment process. A bit more pricey, but worth it.


Damon Braces

The crème de la crème of braces! These use a sliding door mechanism and are super discreet and efficient. They're pricier but offer comfort and fewer dental visits.

Choosing the Right Type for You

Picking the right braces is a bit like choosing a new phone – it depends on what you need and like. Think about your orthodontic needs, budget, lifestyle, and preferences. And hey, age and oral health matter too. Our experienced orthodontists at Archident are here to guide you through it all.

Braces in KL

Why Archident Dental Clinic Rocks for Braces

Looking for top-notch braces in Old Klang Road, KL? Archident Dental Clinic is where it’s at! We’re all about modern facilities, a range of services, and a team of dentists and orthodontists who really know their stuff. Plus, we use the latest tech to make sure you get the best results.

Booking Your Appointment - It's Easy!

Ready to roll with braces? Booking an appointment with us is a breeze. Just hop onto our website, give us a call, or shoot us an email. We’re here Monday to Sunday, ready to help you get that dream smile.

Your Braces Journey at Archident Dental Clinic

Initial Consultation

Let's meet and chat about your teeth, take some X-rays, and figure out your treatment plan.

Regular Check-Ups

Pop by every few weeks so we can adjust your braces and check on your progress.

Braces Installation

Come back in, and we'll get those braces on. It takes a bit of time, but we'll make sure you're comfy.

Braces Off Time

When your teeth are looking fab, we'll take those braces off and give you a retainer to keep your smile on point.

Ready for a Smile Makeover?

If you’re game to give your smile a makeover with braces, Archident Dental Clinic on Old Klang Road, KL, is your go-to place. We promise top-notch service, affordable prices, and flexible payment options. Whether you go for metal, self-ligating, or Damon braces, we’re here to make sure you love your smile. Give us a ring or visit our website to start your journey to a dazzling smile. Don’t miss out on getting the smile you’ve always wanted with Archident Dental Clinic! ​

Braces in KL